BotGuard is an advanced security solution aimed at protecting WordPress sites from modern web threats including malicious bots, hacker attacks and other harmful online activity. With our industry-leading technology, we can help you secure your online infrastructure and keep your servers running smoothly.


✅ Protect the online infrastructure and ensure business continuity
✅ Reduce server load up to 25% by filtering out malicious and useless traffic
✅ Achieve significant savings on server infrastructure costs by optimizing existing resources
✅ Increase customer loyalty and reputation by improving service quality

Main Features:

Bot Detection and Blocking

Our technology detects and blocks bots in real time to protect you from modern threats using sophisticated human-mimicking techniques.

 Web Application Firewall (WAF)

Unload your infrastructure and safeguard your customers by mitigating a wide range of HTTP(S) threats before they reach your web servers.

DDOS Protection

Protect your servers against DDoS attacks by detecting bots at OSI L7 and propagating blacklisted IPs to the network infrastructure.

Easy Integration and Scaling

Our solution can be seamlessly integrated into your existing infrastructure at the traffic entry point and is horizontally scalable without limitations.

Real-time monitoring and reporting

Get detailed information about all inbound traffic in your data center, including information about blocked requests, to make informed strategic decisions.

🔍 In 2021, 42% of all website traffic was generated by automated tools, from which half is harmful or useless to the website.

From ad fraud to inventory denial or credential cracking, the list is long and only expected to grow bigger. Most solutions available fail to distinguish
between legitimate human users and bots. In-house scripts and standard firewalls are usually not enough, while other solutions are complex and expensive, requiring much more resources from the hosting company to keep it functioning.

This situation will get even more challenging as the new-generation of bots has sophisticated human-mimicking techniques and requires a dedicated solution to monitor and block them.

BotGuard Pricing:

$7.99 / monthly
– 2 WordPress sites protected
– Monthly report (on request)

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